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Yeti WAX GIANT by Jochen Peters - sunlight

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WAX GIANT by Jochen Peters

Jochen Peters shows in his special wax-up technique how it is possible to create highclass functional occlusal surfaces in a minimum of time following his efficient, systematic and easy-to-do working steps. Since in the concept by Jochen Peters build up and scrape down of the wax are combined, a wax which meets both criteria in a perfect way was required. Thanks to a good cooperation both the sculptural waxes “Sahara” and “Sunlight” as well as the suitable cervical wax “Wood” were created.

The sculpturing waxes “Sahara” and ”Sunlight” are perfectly suitable for crowns and bridges, inlays, onlays, casting-, press- and milling techniques. Besides these, two universal waxes can be perfectly combined with brown cervical /underlining wax “Wood”.

Modelling waxes captivate by the following characteristics:

  • First-rate sculpturing properties. Waxes can be easily spread and have and still have first-class stability
  • perfect wax hardness allows exact modelling as well as precise creation of cusps, cusp slopes and fine dental ridges
  • after smoothing all wax surfaces are perfectly sealed without smearing
  • excellent edge stability
  • easy and clean to scrape down, no chipping
  • exact fitting and a low contraction
  • burns without residue

The colour for “Sahara” and “Sunlight” waxes are chosen to please the eyes and so that even smallest details can easily be seen

brown cervical / underlining wax “Wood” can be used perfectly as cervical / underlining wax for crowns and bridges as well as sculpturing wax for inlays and onlays.

  • fine wax consistency
  • in a liquid state fills perfectly every small cavities
  • soft but not sticky or smearing
  • stable in form and utterly exact in fitting
  • tension free
  • burns without residue

WAX GIANT - single line,-75g


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