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Dental waxes are used in many different ways. They all have their own characteristics, properties, compositions and indications.

Dental wax is generally a thermoplastic system which appears in a solid form in room temperature. When the temperature rises, the wax takes a liquid phase. Waxes do not have an exact melting point, but they rather have a melting range.

Even though the waxes behave in a similar way in different temperatures, there are numerous different products for the different purposes and situations.

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Base Plate Wax

Used to define the vertical dimensions, the occlusal plane, and the initial arch shape in the fabrication of a complete prosthesis.

Bite Wax

Used to accurately fit opposing quadrant models, easy to use and strong to reposition on the patient's teeth.

Block-Out Wax

Designed to fill undercuts and process induced cavities, cover sharp edges and smooth out rough surfaces on dies.

Boxing Wax

Placed around the impression just below the peripheral border resulting in perfect adhesion without the application of heat.


Used in the fabrication of wax models, the wax discs burn out without a trace. Specially used for CAD/CAM technology.

Carving/Inlay Wax

Carving wax was specially developed to provide dentistry & jewelry technicians a wax suitable for carving most intricate models.

Casting Wax

Used to establish a minimum thickness in areas such as the lingual and palatal bars, and desired contour on the lingual bar.

Dipping Wax

A high-quality wax, ideal for stumps immersion technique and also for the modeling of caps by hand.

Gator Wax

Gator waxes are tough and durable, yet incredibly carveable and adhere to all surfaces, producing a seamless, gapless fit.

Model Casting Wax

Offers excellent sculpting characteristics, quick cooling down and the ability to remain opaque even when molten during wax-up.

Modeling & Special Wax

For creating models of prostheses and bridges that can be fit into the patient's mouth and easily altered where needed.


Used to restore function, provide esthetics and comfort, be biologically acceptable, and permit effective oral hygiene.

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Sculpturing Wax

Allows for the accurate reproduction of occlusal stops and contact points when fabricating crowns and bridges.

Sticky Wax

Used to bond metal or plastic parts to a temporary fixed position and used to fix models in the articulator and hold bridges.

Wire Wax

Used to craft bars and sprues for crown and bridge fabrication. Wire Wax is easy to mold and available in different harness.

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