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Burs - Handpiece Carbide Burs

Burs - Handpiece Carbide Burs

We are excited to announce that our latest product, Handpiece Carbide Burs, is now available for purchase. These burs are extremely durable and designed to withstand high-speed rotation, making them perfect for a variety of dental procedures. They feature a precision cutting surface that allows for precise and efficient removal of tooth structure, while minimizing heat and vibration. Our Handpiece Carbide Burs come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your specific needs and preferences. They are also compatible with most handpieces on the market, making them a versatile tool for any dental practice. Try them out today and experience the difference!

  • Diamond Cut – For smooth surface finish of acrylic and metals
  • Double Cut – For fast reduction of acrylic and all metals, including non-precious and cobalt chrome.
  • Regular Cut – For standard adjusting of acrylic, metals, plaster and stone.

All burs available in uncoated carbide, and long lasting TiN (yellow-gold) coating.

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