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Whip Mix Model 9185 Indirect Quick Mount

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Indirect Mounting Facebows:

Whip Mix facebows provide a convenient, quick and accurate method of securing an axis location without the use of expensive equipment and time-consuming techniques.

Model 9185 Features:

  • Indirect mounting for easier access, increased stability, greater ease of use and optimum instrument efficiency
  • Once the registration is obtained, the transfer assembly is removed for mounting, freeing the facebow for the next patient
  • Compatible to 2000, 3000, 4000 Series Whip Mix® articulators
  • Adaptable to Whip Mix® 8500, Hanau™ Wide-Vue and Modular articulators with additional accessories

Comes complete with: Whip Mix® indirect facebow, transfer assembly, transfer base assembly, and 8610 facebow fork.


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