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Vaniman Vanguard Gold 2X

Vaniman Vanguard Gold 2X
Vaniman Vanguard Gold 2X
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The Vanguard Gold 2X is a 1-2 station dental dust collector designed to collect dust and particulates at dental workstations. It has a powerful motor with adjustable speed control along with low maintenance replaceable filter bags. It offers a low cost of ownership with the average unit lasting over 20 years. All units are assembled by hand in the USA at our Southern California facility. Unable to collect Abrasive Media and Zirconia.

  • High-speed Motor Turbine Technology
  • Quiet 55 dBA Operation (normal conversation is 60 dBA)
  • Easy Maintenance and Low Repair Rate
  • Internal and External Filtration Options for HEPA and Odor Applications
  • Vaniman Warranty

P/N (1 station, no Accumulator): 10320
P/N (2 stations, no Accumulator): 10345
P/N (1 station, with Accumulator): 10321
P/N (2 stations, with Accumulator): 10322



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