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Trident Aqua Spray System

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The Trident Aqua Spray System is a table top, durable system with a light-weight handpiece, and adjustable mist spray.

- Adjustable fine cool mist spray - safeguard protection from heat build-up during grinding

- Recommended for all ceramic, zirconium, CAD/CAM and ceramics

- Combination high speed air handpiece - use with or without cool mist spray

- Encapsulate turbine-cartridge - sealed and dust free

- Zirconium bearings - no metal ball bearings that heat up and wear out.

- Independent long life chuck - separate from sealed turbine-cartridge

- Smooth ultra-quiet vibration free - designed for superior long life performance

- Comfortable lightweight - handpiece weighs less than 3 oz

- "Bit" Burr insertion tool automatically positions and perfectly glides burr into chuck

- Lubrication free - No oil or gel type lubrication needed

Speed: 300,000 rpm


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