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Quatro JetStream Health-Smart Infinity

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The Quatro JetStream Health-Smart Dust Collector is a 2 station, infinite speed control, portable dust collector that features a built in silencer that reduces noise to 49 dBA.

  • Easily considered the standard for small dust collectors, the JetStream offers significant advantages and performance over the competition
  • Maximum airflow 110 CFM with a maximum pressure of 90" W.C.
  • 1 micron pre-filter bag, easily replaced
  • 99.97% effective HEPA filter on particles larger than 0.3 micron
  • Built in silencer reduces noise to 49 dBA
  • Sleek, modern and easily portable
  • Full range speed control
  • CSA/UL approved motors with circuit breaker and thermal cut-out protection
  • Remote on-off communication


  • For sand, quartz, zirconia, ceramic, glass beads, aluminous oxide, alloys, resins, acrylics, gypsum, die-stone

  • Multi-speed, 2-station design

  • Anti-microbial, allergy-safe, SEALBLE filter bag for safe optimal debris capture

  • HEPA Filter, 99.97% efficiency on sub-micron particles

  • Compact space saving design

  • Health-smart, contains anti-microbial bag filter

  • Filter bag system is ideal for precious metal recovery

  • Ultra-quiet performance, Infinite speed control

  • Quick access motor compartment

  • Also included: "T" (#AR019), 2 x 4 ft suction hoses (#H424-04D) 1.5 in diameter (for 1.5 in or 2.5 in accessories


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