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NSK Presto Aqua II System

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Presto Aqua II high speed air lab system features a lightweight, lube-free handpiece with a built-in dust proof mechanism. Operating at 320,000 rpm the Presto Aqua II system has a built in air regulator and foot control.

The Presto Aqua II features seamless adjustments of water volume and spray and is capable of running independently with the incorporated water bottle or connected to the main water line. The high speed handpiece with water spray helps reduce the heating while cutting and finishing.

- Ideal for precise ceramic cutting and finishing
- Decrease dispersal of debris and chips
- Coolant water spray which enables shorter operation time and longer bur life-Requires no lubrication
- Easily-removed water bottle-Direct water system
- Two water spray options (droplets or fine mist spray)
- Swivel twist-free handpiece
- Low noise and vibration-Unique dust
- Proof mechanism to protect internal components from debris
- Lubrication free

Handpiece Only - # T816001

Turbine Only - #T816016


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