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Amann Girrbach Artex CN

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A feature of Artex articulators in non-Arcon design is their reliable and easy handling. In contrast to Arcon design articulators, the condylar ball is in the upper member of the articulator and the condylar guidance surface is in the lower member. The anatomy of the patient is thus “turned on its head”, whereby upper and lower members of non-Arcon articulators form a single unit, even with opened centric.

Optional set-up kit includes calibration key (#216010C), Splitex carbon plate set (#216100C), 100-pack of black counter plate (#216235), and 100-pack of retention discs (#216150)

  • Simple and pleasant handling
  • 3 working positions, no tipping over
  • “Click” – centric quick lock
  • Fixed average condyle track inclination at 35°
  • Bennett angle adjustable from 0 to 20°
SCI (Sagittale condylar inclination) 35°
Bennett-angle 0° to +20°
Protrusion -
Retrusion -
ISS (Immediate Sideshift) -
Distraction -
Centric Design Centric click
Upper and lower articulator arms prevented from coming apart inadvertently in open centric by Centric plate
Arbitrary pins for direct transfer wth Artex facebow no


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