Lab Repairs

We are dedicated to providing the best possible service for your equipment, and take pride in our reliable workmanship, experienced technicians, and friendly service. Repair estimates can be provided for free upon request, and we are happy to provide over-the-phone tech support to customers.

Electronic Equipment Repairs

Electric Handpieces: $165.00 (Includes bearings, common-wear parts, chuck adjustment, and cleaning)
KaVo & Microstar Handpieces: $197.00+
Power Supply/Control Box: $101.00+
Motor Brushes $13.50+
Chucks $30.00+
Foot Pedals $85.00+
Porcelain, Burnout, &Pressing Ovens $106.00+
Casting Machines Quoted per item
Preventative Maintenance for Casting Machines $1,250.00
Ultrasonic Cleaners $101.00+ (Tank, transducers, and body not included)
Curing Lights Quoted per item
Vacuum Pumps Quoted per item
Vacuum Mixers Quoted per item
Pressure Pots Quoted per item
Steam Cleaners Quoted per item
Other Equipment Quoted per item
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Garland Dental Services provides a dental equipment repair service for customers nationwide, and throughout Canada and Mexico.

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